WEDDING HAIR STYLES / by Vincenzo Pintaudi

If your wedding dress and make-up are all sorted and all you’re left with is your hairstyle, well here are some things to help you decide on what best will suit you, your dress and the atmosphere of your wedding celebration.

As there are 1000’s of styles to choose from, we have narrowed it down to 7 of Vincenzo Pintaudi’s favourite hairstyles.

  1. Romantic Curls

If your gown is long, show off your hair by having loose desirable curls. Using hair shine products throughout your waves so your hair can stay shiny and sleek all day.

VPC Bride Anne 2019  Photography by Erica Melissa

VPC Bride Anne 2019
Photography by Erica Melissa

 2. A Classic Low Chignon

A low chignon hairstyle is a style that will never fall out of fashion, which is why it will always be a classic style for a reason. There are many ways and styles to achieve this look, by simply pinning your hair into different designs to achieve the look you desire.

VPC Bride Sheryn 2017

VPC Bride Sheryn 2017


3. Elegant, Natural with a Floral Head Piece

Want to wear your natural curls on your wedding day? Then, consider adding a hair accessory like a headpiece, a tiara or a flower crown. Embrace your natural hair because at Vincenzo Pintaudi Couture we believe you should be the best version of yourself on your wedding day.

4. Low Ponytail with Subtle Curls

Are you going full glam on your wedding day? You may want to have your hair pulled back into a sleek ponytail. By having your hair in a sleek ponytail you won’t have to worry about your hair throughout the night.

VPC Bride Constance 2019 Photographer:  Vincenzo Pintaudi

VPC Bride Constance 2019
Vincenzo Pintaudi


5. A Matching Hijab to your Wedding Dress

You can wear many coloured hijabs but a hijab that correlates with your wedding gown isn’t something you regularly do . Have your hijab in the same fabric as your wedding dress whether it’ll be silk, lace or beaded fabric. Whatever your decision may be, bringing that connection from your wedding dress to your hijab will be more sentimental.

6. A Royal Look

Half Up, Half Down and with a Crown
This is a great way to keep most of your hair out of your way but to also show off your beautiful luscious locks.

Royal Wedding Kate Middleton

Royal Wedding Kate Middleton


7. Sleek Side with a Jewel Hair Piece and Voluminous Curls

Want to have your hair down but hate having your hair constantly in your face? Have your hair stylist pin back one side of your hair while giving you voluminous curls to add extra depth to your hair.

Hair Stylist:   El Style

Hair Stylist: El Style