FIRST DANCE SONGS by Vincenzo Pintaudi

Your first dance as newly weds is a moment that you will never forget. Amongst all your cherished memories, looking back to your first dance as a married couple will be one of those special moments for you and your spouse to look back on.

A blissful, intimate and romantic moment between you and your other half, although you will be surrounded by all your family and friends, while being filmed. It will be a moment that you and your partner forget your surroundings and be lost in one another.

 Vincenzo Pintaudi’s First Dance Song Choices:

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VEIL OR NO VEIL? by Vincenzo Pintaudi

Traditionally Veils have been a part of wedding ceremonies for centuries dating back to ancient Roman Times when wedding veils were said to ward off bad spirits that preyed on brides-to-be. In many religions veils were also a sign of humility and respect before God during a religious ceremony. The tradition in today's society has become more of a finishing touch in wedding fashion, a stunning accessory that enhances the beauty of the bride and completes the hair and gown.

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MARIA + MARK by Vincenzo Pintaudi

The stunning VP bride Maria wore a modern style gown with French micro mini beaded lace, paired with swarovski crystals and sheer detailing. The custom made hand crafted couture piece has a detachable lower skirt, which meant that Maria could convert her gown into a fitted mini ready dance the night away.

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